To the Hon: the Judge of the Mercer Circuit Court in Chancery setting, humbly complaining, herewith unto ___ ___ __ ___ Margarett Graves.


That in the year 1817 in the County of Mercer where she now resides, she became in due form of law, the wedded wife of one Nathan Graves.


That they continued to live together chiefly in the County of Mercer as man and wife , from the period of their marriage until the 22nd of April 1837. When the said Nathan Graves without any cause or provocation known to the ____ left KY, desserted her, with the declared purpose of abandonment and has never returned to her. That after leaving her, he proceeded to the State of Illinois and was there arrested by the civil authorities of that Commonwealth, upon a charge of murder and was confined to jail in Jacksonville, Morgan County, where at the last intelligence from him, he still remained awaiting his trial.


That previous to his departure the said Nathan Graves sold off the chief part of his estate, including four slaves( a woman and three children) and ____ and carried away the proceeds, amounting to $1550.00.


He also collected or otherwise disposed of such debts as was owing to him and converted into money all of his effects except some household furniture and stock to the value of something upwards of $100.00 including one bed and furniture one horse and some few sheep and hogs and the tract of land on which he resided.


She states that upon her marriage with the said Nathan Graves he received through her or her ____ from Charles Hart her father two slaves some 16 or 17 years old likely and valuable. One of them he sold and the other deceased some years since and its value was in part made up by her father with $300.00 in money given to her said husband.


He received also from her father two horses ___ both likely and valuable and the sum of $350.00 in money left her by one of her brothers who had died without issue besides many other articles of____ ____ designed for their advancement and comfort.


She states that during the whole period of their ____ and up to the day of his abandonment he did on his part, perform faithfully and truly and according to her best skill and judgement  every duty and trust_______ to her ____ as a wife, mother and mistress They have living three children, born of their marriage all sons, the oldest of them went some two years since to Texas and has never returned and the other two two now quite small and living with ___ ____ and to a considerable extent dependant upon her for their substance and education The tract of land upon which the said Nathan Graves lived previous to his departure situated on Chaplin in the County of Mercer was conveyed to him by one Doctor Wm Huff by deed now of record in the Mercer Office and contains about one hundred and ninety acres as will appear from a copy of said deed now herewith filed asa a part of this Bill She states that she is yet in the possession of the said tract of land just as she was when left by her husband , that she has been for a number of years and states is feeble and declining health and barely able through the cultivation of said place with the assistance of her two children to make a ____ and  ___ substance That the said land is the only ___ of any consequence known to her ___  ___

Belonging to the said Nathan Graves ____ ____ ___  to her just demand upon hi, for a support and maintenance for herself and children. That she has been informed and ___ and so expressly charges the fact to her that the said Nathan Graves has _____ to sell and convey the said tracts of land to other persons  and to that end and that as in ____ __the possession to be demanded from her and she has many and just reasons to ___ and doth truly ___ believe and charge that without the _______ in her behalf of this honorable court he will  disregard of her helplessness or dependence accomplish that object whereby her reliance upon the said tract of land for a maintenance will be greatly ______ if not wholly departed and herself and children _____ to the dangers of being turned out homeless upon the charity of the world.


She states that a portion of even the small amount of personal property left by her said has been required to go to the payment of debts against him and that no _____ advancement or arrangement of any kind has ____ since his desertion been made by him for the support of __  ____ and her children


Now so it is intended consideration whereof __  and for as much __ to the end that she may ___ ___ ____ in the _____ she prays that the Nathan Graves may be made a defendant to the Bill and required to answer upon ___ all of its allegations ____ to the ___ in Chancery That he may be restrained and ____  from selling or parting with ___ ___ or possession of the said tract of land ___ ___ further order of the honorable court and that a final hearing of this suit the said tract of land or such part of it as may be ___ rightful and proper by the court may be set apart and assigned to __ ____ as alimony in the state of the said Nathan Graves for support of her self and children and that finally she may be divorced from him _____ and that such ___and ____ ____ in the _____ may be extended to her as shall be _____ with equity and applicable to her.


______ Atty