As told by the England & US Census Records:

William Richards Sr.: Born in 1831 son of James & Mary Draper Richards.  William was 5 years younger than his wife Ann Bryant.  The 1881 census has them living on the Newbery Farm in Berrynarbor, Devon, England.

Ann Bryant Richards: Born in 1825 in Parham, Devon, England.   We first see Ann Bryant at 14 years old in the 1841 census from Parkham, Devon, England.We were able to track Ann Bryant Richards in the 1871, 1881 & 1891 census from Berrynarbor, Devon, England and we have her death as 1895 at the age of 70.   has her birth in Parkham, Devon, England. 

William & Ann's 5 boys (no girls):

#1 Escott Richards: Born in 1855.  We have him living in Devon England married to Elizabeth.   He does make a guest appearance in the 1900 census in Salt Lake Utah living next door to his brother James, but then Escott is back in England for their 1901 census.

        William Henry born 1879
        Frances Ann born 1880
        May the youngest daughter.  May married Mr. DELVE and had a son named Alan.  She wrote several letters to James W H in 1931 & 1932.

#2 Thomas Richards: Born March 16, 1861 in Devon England.  Thomas relocated to the USA around 1893.  We know he was still alive and residing in the USA in 1931 because he is referenced in the personal letters Escott's daughter May DELVE wrote to James W H.   Fred's 1930 obituary mentions Thomas from Long Beach.   In the 1930 census there is a Thomas Richards living in  Long Beach with a wife of 40 years named Jennie.   We also have a Thomas Richards in the 1930 census listed as single living in Los Angeles.

    No children of record.

#3 Fred Richards: Born on September 20, 1863 in Devon England.  Thomas relocated to the USA around 1893.  In August 1893 Fred married Liona Glasscock, the sister of James wife Gada.  They had two daughters Gada (named after James' wife) and Mamie.  Liona passed away in 1998 at the young age of 22.  Fred remarry twice after Liona died.  The 1910 census has him married to an Ella M Peterson in 1903. 

    Fred & Liona's two daughters:

        Gada: Born Feb 5, 1895 in Salt Lake, Utah.  Gada was in the 1900 census living with her grandparents.  Gada was then in the 1910 Utah census at age 15.  Gada then married Frank Fisher in 1917.  Gada and Frank Fisher are listed in the 1920 Salt Lake Utah census.  Gada died shortly sometime after the 1920 census and 1926.  thereafter and Frank remarried in 1926.  Frank Fisher was mentioned as a son in Fred's 1930 obituary.

        Mamie: Born may 28, 1896.  She is with her grandparents Loretta Glasscock & Simeon BRIGGS in the 1900 Salt lake census.  Mamie died in 1902 at the age of 6. 

#4 William Henry Richards: Born in 1865 in Devon England.  William was never mentioned in May's 1931 letters nor was he included in the 1931 England census, so the assumption is William was probably not alive in 1931.

    no children of record.

#5 James William Henry Richards: Born in 1866.  James married Gada Glasscock in 1896.

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